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We make ultra-lightweight 2-D platforms that levitate in Earth and Mars’ atmospheres without any power supply or moving parts. These patented devices have a microscale design that creates thrust when exposed to sunlight, allowing them to hover in near space for months at a time.


Without the need for fuel or batteries, our products can fly useful payloads for far cheaper than any existing hardware and seamlessly integrate a variety of payloads.

Night Sky with Stars
Image by USGS


In-situ measurements

Semi-permanent radiosondes

Mars exploration

Satelite Dish


6G communications

Mirrors for highly focused beams

Relays and jammers

Military Humvee

Defense (ISR)

Imaging with nanoscale cameras

Autonomous UAV swarms

Covert size (10cm)

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Ben Schafer is a physicist who has spent five years working on the technology behind MicroAvionics as a graduate student at Harvard University. He developed both the underlying model and fabrication protocols for the devices.

Angela Feldhaus is a physicist and nano-fabrication expert. She contributed to the research behind MicroAvionics as a graduate student in applied mathematics at Harvard University. She is a former founder (exited) and innovation fellow with experience in  both materials science and economics. 


Greentown Labs

444 Somerville Ave 

Somerville, MA 02143

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